Sunday, September 03, 2006

An adventure has begun. We took the plunge and with eyes closed jumped feet first into the realm of old home ownership. OHO, as we refer to it, is far different from its counterpart, new home ownership, or NHO. Both offer many wonderful opportunities, challenges and rewards, OHO is just scarier.
Meet our little love, Flora. We named her this after her original use, a florist. As we speak, she is a work in progress. Peeling paint, missing porch rails, over grown vegetation are but a few of her special needs. She's quirky, she's tiny, and she's just a few strands short of a pony tail, but hey we love her!
Follow along on our journey through OHO...you never know what adventure await us.


Anonymous The Decorated House said...

Jill! Wow, I love your house. I am so looking forward to seeing lots and lots of pictures of the inside. Hint, hint. I know you two girls have the best shopping sense for cottages so this is going to be fun!

9:43 PM  

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