Thursday, February 01, 2007

A journey complete...

I have a few of these vintage table cloths left in my collection. Over the years they have suffered much at my hands, becoming pillows or parts of bags or even used into oblivion. This one was no exception, it suffered greatly in the back of my husband's car for years. It was finally released from its captivity and allowed to re-enter the world. The hardships it faced were evidenced by the small tears in the fabric and the one very large stain, oil I believe. Oh goodness, we have not been very good stewards for this little piece of the 40's. Wouldn't our little home be very angry, knowing we has turned our backs on an accessory that could have once resided within these walls. Waves of guilt rose in me, as I attempted to shout the stain out, oxy clean it, and yes even bleach the heck out of it. No use, time wasted, the stain remained, the pattern dulled in places but the stain lived on. Filled with remorse for my less then perfect care of this lovely little table covering, I set about re-inventing it. I looked for areas of the cloth that were still representative of the once fun and playful pattern. I cut into it and created these "just for show" kitchen towels. I added the little trim of fluff, a nod towards the modern, which is my Jill stamp. I feel better now, having saved these small remnants from further humiliation at the hands of my not so delicate family. The towels hang proudly from various spots, once again a display of vintage splendor watching over the not frequent events of the tiny kitchen as if to say they are at home, here. When you see them together, the towels and the kitchen, it is as if old friends have been reunited. They compliment each other beautifully and each gives the other the support and balance that only true friendship can bring. From a table cloth to a towel, her journey complete.


Blogger The Decorated House said...

You know I love that little jazziness that you added. It makes that little piece of fabric know you meant it when you said the journey was complete and that it was going to stay in your home now.
It looks quite content right there in your kitchen.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

What a fun place to visit!!!! Love those green walls!

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Conne said...

Love your old tablecloth and how you gave it new life. I am afraid I grew up ironing those things each week so they could cover the kitchen table between meals. LOL

3:29 PM  

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