Thursday, March 08, 2007

chicken or the egg?

I have decided that there are two kinds of people, those that love things and those that love the idea of things. I am the latter. For those of you who are the former, let me just orient you to this slightly off kilter world of the lover of the idea of things. You see we fancy ourselves as users of nifty things, we trick ourselves into believing that these things will jumpstart something in us and we will, I don't know, USE them. It is the follow-through that the lover of the idea of things needs to work on. The idea of things gets me into more trouble then I can possibly get out of without intervention by a team of trained professionals. The idea of things leads me to make decisions based on possibilities. The possibility of creation, the possibility of organization, or the possibility of conformity, leads me down certain aisles that the likes of me should never see. Rows and rows of ideas of things call my name and I automatically see the possibilities in them, the opportunity for betterment, for expansion, for improvement. These ideas of things come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, these ideas of things are sourced from a variety of publicly traded enterprises, these ideas of things are evil. Like a junky looking for her next fix, I am drawn in by the sight and smell of theses ideas of things. They lure me into their vile web and I find myself touching them. I am convinced that will be enough, but it never is, soon I am smelling the idea of things and the battle is lost. Flooded with the sensory impute of possibility, quickly I lose my grip on reality, I begin to experience what can only be referred to as desire. I have taken that step into the spiraling world of possibilities fueled by the idea of things and then it happens these temptress land exactly where they shouldn't, in my cart. Damn, and I was on step six of my twelve step program. The journals shown here are exhibit A. I love the idea of a journal, the possibility of organizing my often disorganized thoughts, leaving a piece of me behind for the next generations to see, but yet most of them remain unopened, unused, and unloved except for the idea of them, of course, now that I love. I have spent years working to overcome my addiction to the idea of things. I have won as many battles as I have lost. Through all of this warring over the idea of things and things I have come to a precipice. I think the idea of something is just as valuable as the something. It has to be, because we are just ideas of something swirling around each other waiting to be plucked off our safe shelves and dropped into a basket or cart so that we can become somethings...All somethings first come from the idea of something...Maybe I don't need those other six steps after all!


Blogger The Decorated House said...

Hey Jillsy!
There always seems to either be a very long delay or my post doesn't go through over here. Maybe you have it on a delay switch but I doesn't tell us that.
Anyway, that's why I stopped by a second time today to say I'm following your story girl!

8:26 PM  
Blogger The Decorated House said...

Hmm...no delay, it went through this time!

Just so you know, I understand, says she who has stacks of papers and bare journal books looking her right now. :)

8:27 PM  
Anonymous VaxGirl said...

Funny! I have a stack on unused journals myself. It's starting to sink in that the only way I can keep a journal is through my blog. Oh well. Even funnier than that is the clutter of organizing books I've accumulated. Yes, the books on getting rid of the clutter are the actual clutter. I thought it was just me...

2:07 PM  
Blogger Castle of Dreams said...

I so recognise myself in this :o) I bought myself so many journals, for now I'm using just one of them. It's a inspiration journal, I save all beautiful images from home-decor magazines in it... more ideas of things again ;o)

It's my first visit to your blog, love it!

7:27 AM  

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